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Healthcare reputation talk

This week I gave a talk in Brussels about the reputation of the healthcare world.  Obviously that is driven to a large extent by pharma firms, but other elements (eg devices, consumer health, OTC meds, pharmacies) have their own challenges.  The main thrust was that we have to acknowledge that the industry is not perfect and we will never be as popular as some sectors. However, it is getting better very quickly…though we will never satisfy our fiercest critics.

I also believe that we are all ambassadors.  We can all do our bit, and that the way we  do that will vary. In the last couple of weeks I have given talks to more than a hundred people, and had small dinners with influential professors at international congresses.  Engaging with critics is a crucial part of reputation building (or should that be repairing?)

I anticipate I will be giving more talks – and running workshops – about reputation in the coming months. Let me know if you would like more info.



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