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Pharma and patient groups

Another interesting post from Peter H-J on Linked In suggesting pharma companies should engage more directly with patients to fill the information gap (link below).

I’m not sure how realistic it is to propose that proposal is.  It depends on what form the ‘engagement’ would take (eg websites/online chats/f2f meetings?). Cynics would say that at least doctors have the background to sort the educational wheat from the marketing chaff, and even they sometimes struggle. Many patients would potentially struggle even more. But of course just because its’ difficult or controversial doesn’t mean it’s not trying to achieve it.

Patients do have a variety of sources, only one of which is their physician. Patient support groups do some fantastic work in explaining/helping. I think that’s where there could be more open and transparent engagement with pharma co’s…at least in the short term. I know some patient groups seem embarrassed in the current climate to be seen to be engaging. We need to reassure them. They are a great resource and a credible bridge between pharma and patients.

We also need to remember (it is easy for those of us in the industry to forget this) that the pharmaceutical treatment is only part of the overall treatment plan. Patient support groups are generally very good at taking this view.


Link to Peter Hunter Johnston post: https://tinyurl.com/nwsdxku

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