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The value of clear communication

When you work in the communications business, many companies and individuals ask for ways of measuring the impact of communicating.   A good question, and an understandable one.  The answer varies depending on a number of factors.  Clarity of the communication is key, alongside the identification of target audiences, effective dissemination, objectives that are SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-related.

Great news today for a campaign that achieved all of those criteria…and prevented 4,000 people from suffering serious disability. The FAST campaign from Public Health England aimed to help people recognise the symptoms of a stroke, and urging them to act fast, as speed of treatment is crucial to preventing permanent brain damage. It worked. According to PHE,  many more people reached hospital quick enough to receive the immediate medical treatment they needed. This helped their chances of recovery and meant fewer people were left disabled by a stroke.

But PHE says 10,000 more strokes could be prevented each year if mini-strokes were spotted and treated in time.  A new campaign is aimed at raising awareness of the symptoms.

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