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Triglycerides… the new cholesterol?

Do you know your triglyceride level?  You may know your cholesterol level, and  know that if the LDL number is too high you’re at risk of a heart attack. Triglycerides, known as trigs, do the same thing. They’re another kind of lipid, and if your levels are too high, you’re at risk of heart disease…especially if you also have high levels of LDL. In that case you may have something called mixed dyslipidaemia…and that’s a really serious risk for a heart attack or other forms of CV disease.

I’ve been in the US, helping speakers to prepare for presentations about people with seriously high trigs, and what they can do about them. There are new treatments available which can help, but as ever, you need to start with diet and exercise.

Some experts believe that the  ‘know your trig level’ message is as important as the ‘know your number’ campaigns we saw years ago about cholesterol levels.

More here:  http://tinyurl.com/dyzatua

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