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Value of pharma-sponsored education

I see from Peter H-J on  LinkedIn that a physician spends on average 49 seconds explaining a newly prescribed medicine to a patient.  (Link below). Sales reps also have little time to explain the benefits and risks to the physician in the first place…I’m only surprised there are not fewer adverse events, and that medicines ever work at all if that it is the  starting point!

It also shows how  moves to prevent physicians attending educational events sponsored by pharma companies are short-sighted. I spoke at one this week, and by the end of the day (not because of my contribution, though I hope it helped them communicate their new knowledge beter) the docs had learned far more, from three leading professors, than they ever would from a sales rep spouting product messages. The question is:  Was it balanced? To be honest, I had worked previously on one of the new ‘competitor’ drugs, and on one of the older ‘traditional’ treatments, and I thought that both of those got a fair hearing.

It’s right that there is a debate over pharma sponsored medical education programmes. The problem is that too much of the debate is framed as ‘It’s all bad/it’s all good’. It needs to be done thoughtfully with safeguards…then we all benefit. This week’s meeting was a prime example.


See LinkedIn post on’Beyond the Pill’: https://tinyurl.com/ppc8525


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