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Examples of What We Do

Situation One

A British pharmaceutical company were planning to announce the results of a head to head trial against their major competitor. The endpoints were complex and although the trial was in their favour, it needed careful explanation. They were concerned that the competitor would portray it as a failed study.

What we did

First, we worked with the European therapy area management team to help them tease out the key points of the results. It was important to maintain accuracy and gain legal and regulatory approval.

We ran a Q&A/media training session for the European medic and commercial heads.

Then we played a major role in an internal meeting for commercial heads of major markets. LionsDen MD John Clare made a presentation on clear communication then ran a series of workshops where participants were asked to tell the story to different key audiences (customers, payors, regulatory bodies, journalists).


The commercial heads rolled out the messages and the Q&A techniques among the sales forces, medical information and Medical Science Liaison teams over the next week.

The results were presented at the congress, and reported favourably in medical and consumer media.

The country brand teams expressed how confident they felt at explaining the complex material.

Situation Two

A multinational pharmaceutical company were about to publish phase 2 data for a developmental cardiovascular compound. The company faced a number of challenges:

  • They were also developing another compound for a similar but different indication. Analysts, commentators and employees were confusing the two.
  • They had withdrawn a similar compound after safety issues which appeared after launch. One of the two compounds was chemically similar. They had to deal with competitor claims that the new candidate may have similar problems.

What we did

We worked with the global brand teams on both compounds. Our task was to help them craft a clear story which differentiated the two developmental compounds, and also set them apart from the withdrawn predecessor. We ran a series of message development sessions with both teams. Our knowledge of the issues and vocabulary used by each team helped the differentiation process.

The language and messages we helped develop were tested on key audiences, and modified as necessary.

As the compounds moved through phases 2 and 3, we continued our work with both teams. We rehearsed the presenters for conference satellite meetings, and worked with external experts who were presenting posters. We attended the major conferences (ACC, AHA and ESC) for final rehearsals on site.


There have been no recent examples of confusion from analysts and commentators, and people within the company are clear about the difference between the two compounds. References to the withdrawn product are rare. An NDA has been submitted for one compound, the other is in phase 3 trials. We are still working with both teams.

Training available in:

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