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Communicating Clearly About Science And Medicine

‘Make things as simple as possible… but no simpler.’

Scientific communication is challenging. The subject matter is complex and often requires a certain level of knowledge to understand it correctly.

Describing hazard ratios, interpreting Kaplan Meier curves and explaining confounding factors is different from talking about a new car or clothing range.

Processes, for example in clinical trials, are laborious and tedious and knowing how much of the detail to include requires judgement.

Conclusions are rarely clear cut, so the communication of statistical risk and probability is tough, especially to non-scientists such as journalists.

Communicating Clearly about Science and Medicine looks at these and many more challenges, then introduces powerful techniques for overcoming them. It will help you develop and deliver impactful presentations on medical and scientific data and tell a clear, compelling story based on your research findings.

It will show you how to develop clear messages and themes, while adhering to the advice attributed to Einstein:

“The accuracy of peer reviewed science and the narrative skills of journalism”

In this book, John Clare illustrates how to communicate clearly the risks and benefits contained in a complex data set, and balance the hope and the hype.

He explains how to avoid the ‘miracle cure’ or ‘killer drug’ headlines which are so common and teaches you how to combine the accuracy of peer-to-peer reviewed science with the narrative skills of journalism.

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