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Hi and thanks for clicking the link. I’m John Clare and I’ve been coaching people all over the world to make scientific presentations from more than 20 years.

Making great presentations about medical or scientific advances is a crucial factor in how people find out about them…and what they think about them.  A confident, authoritative, memorable presentation can be the perfect launchpad for your new drug, device or scientific breakthrough.

Are you making the most of your presentations?

Your performance at the podium is no longer judged just by the people in the hall. It’s usually broadcast or webcast to thousands of others. They have their own ways of judging you and your research, and influencing your success. Media, financial analysts, competitors, regulators, employees and colleagues will all form their own views based on your presentation.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Scientific Presentations

(and how to avoid them)


How to grab the audience’s attention at the start…and keep it

The difference between a presentation and a publication and why it’s vital you know the difference

How to break out of the usual form of data presentations but retain your scientific credibility

How to make the very best of your voice, body language and natural stage presence

How to ensure your slides add to your talk, rather than running it or ruining it


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