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Your whole story will be told by the news and social media in just one sentence.

However complex the disease pathology, mechanism of action or clinical trial endpoints, brevity and simplicity can work to your benefit. Pharmaceutical product stories and company statements that are brief and simple are more likely to result in accurate coverage and less likely to be misinterpreted.

In today’s digital world, brevity is more than the byword for news headlines or broadcast journalists. It’s now at the heart of online communications and social media. Twitter among other messaging systems provides 140 characters to summarise your story.

Our consultants have a background in broadcast journalism. They will work with you employing the same journalistic approach to your brand or corporate messages to help you achieve great communication:

Great communication starts with saying something
in a way that cannot be misunderstood.

As communication experts specialising in pharmaceuticals and healthcare we understand the restrictions on what you can say and the regulations governing your announcements. We also understand stock market sensitivity and the importance of pitching the story just right, so it’s neither over- nor under-promising.

We understand the importance you place on communicating complex product messages, trial results or safety signals to ensure the media, analysts and customers understand them as well as you do. We help craft and refine your story creating clarity from medical complexity for a range of audiences or perspectives.

Click here to develop a story that will be interpreted the way you intend.

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