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Chairing and Facilitation

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As a business leader, you regularly chair or facilitate meetings where colleagues, peers, and customers to share experiences and opinions within the context of a defined objective.

The meetings may include

  • Internal team or project meetings
  • Investment review boards
  • Strategy Teams
  • Board Meetings
  • Issue or crisis meetings
  • Expert panels with customers
  • Webex or webcasts with affiliates and local marketing companies

In these situations it is important for the chairman or facilitator to consider all relevant issues, advance the thinking of the group and provide a stimulating and engaging exchange for the participants. You also need to ensure that everybody knows what is expected of them afterwards and then you can be sure the meeting meets all its objectives.

These events are often high profile and are opportunities to increase your recognition among senior business leaders. Effective chairing and facilitation skills are a pre-requisite for reaching your potential in the business environment.

LionsDen courses in chairing and facilitation can help maximise everyone’s meeting needs.

To learn how to effectively guide peer group interactions and increase your profile with effective chairmanship skills click here.

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