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Media and Communications Coaching

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Training available in:

French | Spanish | Portuguese | German | Italian | Turkish | Russian | Czech | Arabic

The media, whether in print, broadcast or online, is the biggest influence on how you, your company or products are perceived.

A clear, confident interview with a key business publication, website or specialist newswire can really help to build substantial brand or corporate equity. An internal leak, an ill-considered comment or a badly-phrased answer can undo months of hard work and take years to correct.

In an age where the media is everywhere, media interview skills are a requirement for everyone who aspires to fulfil their professional potential. You may be interviewed for industry blogs and webcasts, internal videos or on stage at a major company event. These are make-or-break opportunities, where your performance will be seen – and judged – widely.

As the media use all communication channels available to them, our media courses will prepare you for far more than interviews with TV, radio, newspapers, in print and online. They will improve your spoken communication skills overall, helping you to speak with a level of clarity and communicate in a way that cannot be misunderstood.

Our specialty is media and communications coaching for senior pharmaceutical executives, external experts, physicians and scientists. We understand the challenges of the pharmaceutical industry, the complexity of trials and mechanisms of action, and the restrictions of the codes of practice . We can help you to negotiate those obstacles with confidence, to make the best case possible for your product, company or role.

Our coaching is available in multiple languages and depending upon your particular situation and requirements may involve any or all of the following:

  • Telling your story in the right language
  • Interview preparation techniques
  • Controlling the interview while sounding natural
  • Appealing to different types of media
  • Realistic practice interviews with a variety of media types
  • Handling aggressive interviews

For specialised pharmaceutical media preparations click here

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