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Presentation and Communication Coaching

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Today’s business leaders are masters of spoken communication. The power to persuade, inform or defend on behalf of your company, product or brand is an essential skill for success.

As an executive you are regularly called on to use the spoken word….in presentations to senior management, to regulators, to your teams and colleagues, at congresses, product launches, to customers or investors.

At LionsDen you will learn that mastering events like these is not just about the facts. It’s about harnessing the vocal, visual and verbal elements of a presentation that makes them emotive, impactful and memorable.

A presentation involves much more than a podium and power-point slides. Webcasts, podcasts, interviews, voicemails, town hall meetings and panel discussions are a central feature of business life.

Great presenters are great communicators. They take the opportunity to communicate clearly wherever the opportunity arises, often in informal situations with colleagues or at congresses… the so-called ‘water cooler conversations’. In one recent study, 40% of executives said these unscheduled conversations focus on business-related matters, compared to 12% who believed sports, politics, and personal issues were the main topics.

At LionsDen we help executives to master all of these situations and become powerful spoken communicators. Our innovative training courses will help you to find your voice, develop your own personal style and present with confidence. We can work with you individually to prepare for an important presentation such as an analyst road-show or product launch, or run courses for groups.

To give emotive, impactful and memorable presentations in your own personal style click here

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